Welcome to webmail of switchplus ltd

As of 31. October 2018, the webmail templates Crystal and Basic are no longer officially supported. You can continue using them, however fron this point onwards, only the template Pronto will be developed further.

Welcome to the Spam-Admin by switchplus ltd

This function will enable you to administer the following settings on a DOMAIN or mailbox level:

  • virus scanner
  • blocking dangerous attachments
  • spam filter
  • black-, grey- and whitelisting
  • SPF test

Click onto the following link and login with

  • your DOMAIN-Admin account to administer on a DOMAIN level
  • your mailbox account to modify the settings for your mailbox

If your login credentials are missing, you are kindly requested to contact our helpdesk ( 0848 69 69 69 / helpdesk@switchplus.ch ).